Simply Perfect Gifts

by Donna McLaughlin Schwender



It’s nice to be known so well. So well that the gifts you receive are so “spot on” that you can’t think of anything better you would have bought for yourself.

Yesterday, Tim went to a new reuse-it-type store that he’s been wanting to visit. When he came home, I was outside with the dogs. He kept sticking his head out the back door and saying, “Come see what I bought you.” Finally, the dogs had enough of the single-digit cold and headed on in. Before I could even get the door closed, Tim handed me the stack of green, metal bookends you see in the photo. Not only was he thrilled to have found them, but he was just as happy to have paid only 12-1/2¢ for each one (yes – that’s a CENTS sign). The bookcase is also something I’ve been needing for quite some time and he snagged that beauty for only $10. Talk about a happy guy (and gal!).

As for the other object on the shelf in the photo, that’s an air horn. And if you’re wondering why in the hell that would be a great gift, you obviously haven’t heard me rant about the hunters that trespass on our property and that shoot near our horse barn (or about the neighbor’s dogs who are chained 24/7 and who bark all damn day). Trust me – when I ran out of “air” in my last can at the start of deer season in November, it was quite a crisis for me. Tim remembered it though and bought one for me when he went to Dick’s Sporting Goods store. What a guy!

As for the “tool” that’s hanging off the shelf – that beauty was a Christmas present from my sister, Karen, and my nephew, Mike. Perhaps only I would be thrilled to receive an industrial-sized potato masher! In fact, the label on it says “U.S. Army Potato Masher.” That seems even more fitting as a gift because my father was always talking about how he often got stuck with what he considered to be the “shitty” task of peeling potatoes when he was in the U.S. Navy. Like I stated just a couple of days ago, this Irish lass never met a potato she didn’t like – and now I have a monster-size masher to make even bigger batches of them!

Ahhh….life really is good.