Simple Beginnings

by Donna McLaughlin Schwender

The renovation work on our mudroom has FINALLY begun. It’s the last room in our house to be “made over” since we first moved in 19 years ago. It’s a tiny space that gets a LOT of traffic. Since Friday, Tim has already removed all of the built-in cabinets and installed a framework on the existing ceiling for us to put up new insulation and drywall. Tearing down the existing ceiling and walls just isn’t an option as it will open up too many “cans of worms” and we simply don’t have the time, energy, money, or desire to completely gut the room. We’ll work with the existing bones, as well as some of the “flesh.” When we redo the floor in there, we’ll also do the kitchen and front entryway floors so they’ll all “tie in” together. Once everything is done, we can start re-doing all of the other rooms that are now due to be repainted, etc. It’s a never-ending process, but we’re simply grateful to have a roof over our heads. I’ll post updates as the process continues…

Mudroom Renovation 2016