A Simple Decision (or not)…

by Donna McLaughlin Schwender

Mudroom Cabinets

After many hours spent discussing, measuring, more discussing, remeasuring, and remeasuring yet again, Tim and I finally ordered the new cabinets yesterday for our mudroom renovation. More than a year ago, we’d started making a Pinterest folder with ideas of what design features we wanted in the room. When we recently sat down together and looked at all of the various photos we’d saved, what it boiled down to was clean lines and as much hidden storage space as possible to keep the “eye clutter” to a minimum.

In one of my early morning web-surfing sessions to get some ideas about what types of cabinets were available, I stumbled upon the FlowWall system. Marketed mostly as cabinetry to organize your garage (but also used in laundry rooms, craft rooms, home offices, etc.), I immediately liked the look of them. As I sat there groggy-eyed watching numerous YouTube videos about how to install them, I was surprised to learn that each cabinet lacks a “backside” to it, which allows them to slide along a slatwall track system so that, if and when you decide you want/need to change the layout of your room, you can do so quite easily. That kind of design flexibility made me like them even more. Tim was pretty much sold on them right away too.

The problem we encountered was in having too many options for how to customize the cabinets that would fit into our space (I know – that doesn’t really meet the definition of a “problem”). Regardless, we tweaked, we re-tweaked, we re-re-tweaked and drove ourselves (and each other!) crazy with possibilities. When the FlowWall company emailed us a 20% discount code on Friday that had to be used by today, we took it as a sign to stop dawdling and to start deciding. Bless you FlowWall as Tim and I might have still been discussing cabinets in 2017!

In the end, instead of piecemealing together various individual cabinets, we chose the two “kits” shown in the above photo that we can take apart and arrange to our own liking. We also ordered several extra shelves and hooks, just to be on the safe side. And yes…we went with the maple color, even though we both also liked the white. Knowing how much traffic that room gets though, we didn’t think white was going to be a good option in the long run.

Tim did a great job of insulating, dry-walling, and spackling the ceiling so while we wait for the cabinets to arrive, we’ll (he’ll?) be priming the ceiling and walls and picking out the final paint color. I’ve happily delegated that decision to Tim and he’s leaning towards some version of a “sea-glass blue.” That’s a decision I can live with…

Mudroom Ceiling