Mudroom Update #3

by Donna McLaughlin Schwender

Karndean Ashland

The flooring for the mudroom has finally been chosen and ordered. Tim and I decided on Karndean LooseLay in the Ashland pattern (the photo above shows what it looks like in someone else’s kitchen; unfortunately, that’s NOT our house). It’s described as “delicate oak grains coupled with a cool chalky washed finish.” If it works well in the mudroom, we might use the same pattern in the kitchen and front entryway. We used “regular” Karndean (in a bamboo-type design) in both of our bathroom renovations and we’ve been very pleased with how well it’s held up. Tim was also impressed with how easy it was for him to install on his own; he thinks the LooseLay variety will be even more user-friendly. It will take about a week for the order to arrive, but I’m hopeful that the next update will be the final one.