Why This Blog?

Before you speak, ask yourself…is it kind; is it necessary; is it true; does it improve on the silence? ~Sathya Sai Baba

As a word nerd who adores silence, I truly do wonder if I have anything important to add to the never-ending blogosphere chatter. Although I know nothing about the Indian guru who is reported to have uttered the words above, I am a firm believer in the concept he puts forth. I sadly must confess to not always being kind though. Let’s just say it’s a character flaw I’m working on fixing. While I’d like to think that the process of writing this blog will help me find that softer-spoken part of my soul, I realize that can’t be my main motive for creating and sharing this site.

And even though my voice can often be louder than I’d like, I do actually believe in “speak(ing) the truth even if your voice shakes,” a quote attributed to Maggie Kuhn, an American activist who founded the Gray Panthers movement. Having finally decided on a name for this blog and only THEN discovering that the title of this outspoken woman’s autobiography was “No Stone Unturned” – well, the irony is not lost on me.

Why “Heart Stone Feathers” though?

The last decade of my life has literally been littered with feathers. Feathers of every color, shape, and size. Feathers softly raining down on me from the sky. Feathers standing at attention, having somehow been impaled into the earth. Feathers appearing magically inside my refrigerator (yes – you read that correctly). To me, they are all messengers. Wise winged words of wisdom reminding me to lighten up.

Although more rare along my life’s path, I have also been blessed to find an occasional heart-shaped stone. Messengers themselves. Solid and strong, yet reminding me that – in the end – love always finds a way to carve its life force into the rock walls we erect around the landscape of our life.

Feathers and stones. My silent companions that speak loud and clear, if only I stand still and listen. My reminders that messages don’t always arrive in a written or spoken format. My inspiration that – just perhaps – the word garden I feel moved to create, cultivate, and share with the world is worthy of being planted here for other wandering word nerds to gaze upon during their daily travels.

I can only hope that, during your visit here, you find a message that improves on the silence or the incessant drivel of your life. Regardless, I encourage you to also speak your truth, even if your voice shakes. With a feather in one hand and a heart stone in the other, I believe that anything is possible.

Speak the Truth